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Freelancing in Africa: The million-dollar side-hustle taking over Africa

The definition of work is changing and with it, the fortunes of many talented African youth who cannot find work in the traditional pigeon holes. The democratisation of the internet brings with it a new way to find jobs. 

Many companies, especially in the west are seeking short term talent to grow their business with little overhead. This has opened up earning opportunities for Africans.  

You could start a lucrative career working without the shackles of the 9 to 5, although it comes at a price. Join me as I interview six top-rated African freelancers and as I give out tips that have worked for me in the eight years I have worked as a freelance writer and journalist.

I have also interviewed the entrepreneurs behind Africa's own gig platforms to get their perspectives on the growth of this new way of making money. 

This resource book will not only open your mind but open more opportunities on how you can establish yourself as an expert and secure jobs.

What you will get in this book: 

1. Interviews and reports from experts on how Africa's gig work can employ millions of people in the next few years. 

2. Six interviews with top-rated freelancers in Africa - how they started and the tricks they use to get clients. 

3. My own perspective and lessons I have learned in the freelance business over the past 8 years. 

4. A comprehensive list with over 100 gig platforms that you can start off with.

Enjoy the read!

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  • You will get 4 files (PDF, EPUB, MOBI and PDF of 100+ Gig sites)
  • Interviews with Top Rated Freelancers
  • Interview with entrepreneurs building gig platforms
  • Comprehensive list of 100+ Gig sites


Freelancing in Africa: The million-dollar side-hustle taking over Africa

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